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Roadsmart 5.0.1 is Saferider Management Systems latest flagship. A digital speed limiter that records, transmits and prints data following the regulations set by NTSA. Unlike other speed limiters, it has the ability to be used with other accessories useful in monitoring different parameters in the vehicle which include: fuel monitoring, skip bucket sensor and an intelligent lock.

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Saferider Management Systems Limited is a locally incorporated company in Kenya since 2005. The core business of Saferider is Fleet Management Systems majoring in approved Speed Limiters.

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We Are Here to Ensure you Reach your Destination Safely.

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Saferider Management Systems is a leading provider of safety and monitoring Solutions in fleet operations.


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Every member of Saferider Management Systems Limited is committed to customer satisfaction and share responsibility for delivery of quality products and services

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Our aim is to provide our clients with an exceptional service, value for money, efficiency and effectiveness.

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Innovative Automotive Safety Solutions

Speed Limiter

Digital Speed Limiter that offers recording, limiting and tracking. Designed to be compatible with any vehicle with no interference with its normal operation.

Fuel Management System

Monitor your vehicles fuel level and usage

Skip Bucket Sensor

Take note of when your tipper has been offloaded through alerts and records on our online platform.

Load Sensors

Measure the load on your vehicles.

Intelligent Lock

Secure your load by not only locking it but by also trucking it through the online platform and get notifications whenever it is open.

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